Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Way We Work Should Be Intrinsically Satisfying


r3volutionary said...

Great angle! I have been doing the simply, de-clutter, go low tech path for some time now and with each step toward simplicity I find myself more happy. Now, we just need to design a bit of software that allows you to type in handwriting. We'll make it very Web 2.0 - we'll get a small team here and off shore some grunt work. We'll need to evaluate tools, schedule meetings, and...uh...maybe not.

Also, love the handwritten post - very clever and refreshing. I'd vote to see Handwritten post 2.0. Nice work.

jgchristopher said...

You have good enough hand writing to pull this off. If I were to do the same thing, the post could only be about how to read chicken scratch :)

Unknown said...

Totally agree. Tools usually want to force me to make design decisions that I'm not ready to make. Pen and paper never gives me restrictions. I think we should look at the software write and think about what restrictions or decisions are we forcing our users to make?

Stephen Haberman said...

Paper is not conducive to refactoring.

For me, that would mean BDUF. :-)

That's for writing though; creative design, yeah, doodling is best done on paper.

Nice post.