Monday, May 5, 2008

Preparing for my first BarCamp in Kansas City

I've heard about BarCamps but never have attended one. I'm really looking forward to going to Kansas City for BarCampKC .  One of the rules of BarCamp is that you blog about it :) 

 I will be offering to do two sessions, "Introduction to Groovy" and "Real World Groovy", which is a presentation that summarizes my experiences working on an insurance rate calculation engine that was part of large J2EE project. I always enjoy meeting other developers who are passionate about their craft and I'm sure this will be a memorable weekend.


Anonymous said...

hi Scott,

Great meeting you! Please let us know when/where a copy of your presentation is available.



Scott Hickey said...

The Omaha DLUG contingent had a great time as well.

Here's the link the Groovy presentation: